6 de maio de 2013

São os Estaduais, Stupid! / Are the State chapionship, Stupid!

Que temos que fazer alguma coisa, isto não temos dúvidas, mas somente adaptar o nosso calendário ao calendário Europeu, seria ou deveria ser, apenas o começo. Nisto concordo e assino embaixo com o Fernando Ferreira, dono deste artigo.

Fonte: Pluri consultoria. Fernando Ferreira. Foto: Net.
Tradução: Roberto Queiroz e Roberto Queiroz Junior.

Relax, I'm not offending anyone, the above title refers to the famous phrase from James Carville (It's the economy, Stupid), Bil Clinton strategist in the campaign against George Bush (father) in 1992. The phrase became victorious campaign slogan Clinton, calling attention to the economic situation, the real problem of the country at that time. Well, 20 years later, adapting perfectly fits the current Brazilian football scene. 

In recent days, the Ministry of Sports has made public his interest in proposing the adaptation of the European Brazilian football calendar, showing all the advantages it would obviously without pointing out the disadvantages built on the same idea. Adaptation to the European calendar is far from the main problem of our hectic schedule, which belongs inexorably put this nonsense to state championships. 

What difference does it make if they start in January or July? Adapting to the European calendar Brazilian brings gains to a small group also small clubs, keeping intact the injury caused by the fact that we spent 2/5 of the year playing football. You see, for most of our clubs (except those who dispute the liberators) the middle of the year approaches and nothing has happened so far.

It makes no sense to spend time and energy negotiating a theme whose gain is limited mainly by the historical difficulty in moving the calendar, this is equivalent to treating a terminally ill with cold medicine if the goal is to make our clubs stronger, so that implant a schedule that makes the attractive Brazilian championship in Brazil and abroad, highlighting the brands national teams and creating conditions to compete with the European championships, MUCH MORE ATTRACTIVE in technical and financial terms. 

An adaptation to the European calendar was urgent, for example, in the transformation of Brazilian competition year and state (or regional, municipal, district, whatever) divisions in access to these national championships. Worldwide is so, and the argument that we hit a continental country is no longer justified.

Therefore, if the Sports Ministry really wants to propose an improvement on the calendar, you do this with deep understanding of the real problem, rather than proposing a non-solution.

What we have to do something, we have no doubt, but only to adapt our schedule to European calendar would and should be only the beginning. Hereby agree and sign below with Fernando Ferreira, owner of this article, congratulations my dear.

Source: Pluri advice. Fernando Ferreira. Photo: Net
Translation: Roberto Queiroz and Roberto Queiroz Junior.

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