9 de junho de 2013


Dear Reader,

The airport's packed. Everyone seems to have a shiny smartphone and brand-name clothing. They're sipping on coffee and checking their e-mails as they wait in line.

I'm here to scout, but these folks are going on vacation. They're part of Brazil's new middle class. And, same as everyone else, once they have more money to spend, they like to buy luxuries...the latest electronics, expensive clothes, new cars, vacations...and a nice home.

We're all going to the city of Fortaleza, Recife, Maceió, João Pessoa on Brazil's northeast coast. All City's is a tourist magnet, bringing in more than five million visitors a year. They come to sun themselves on the pretty beaches...dine in the growing number of restaurants and cafes...shop in the malls...and party the night away in the trendy clubs and beach bars.

The city's grown considerably in the last 5 years. It's added new shopping malls...one of the country's largest convention centers...new metro lines...and a new boardwalk. Soccer's World Cup comes to town next year. That will bring even more visitors to this already popular tourist hot spot.

We watched as the last prime building sites on the old boardwalk changed hands and eventually became new luxury condo towers. Today, the old boardwalk is almost built out.

Tourists like coming here. It's a really nice place to hang out, with an amazing landscape of dunes, lakes and white-sand beaches.

It's a great place to spend an afternoon...swimming, surfing, or sitting in the shade of a palm tree with a long, cool drink. The quickest way to get from one place to the next is to ride along the sand in a beach buggy. It's a whole lot of fun.

There's a big story happening here, at northeast of our country in great Citys, like Recife, Fortaleza, João Pessoa, Maceió, and many others.. It's not about the beaches or the little villages or the tourists. The government has plans to transform one spot on this coast, bringing in businesses and creating thousands more jobs. If it works out, this could become Brazil's next boom zone.

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