3 de dezembro de 2012


Coach admits that more experienced players can return. Commentators opine on who can grow up from the two years of World Cup.

New life with the new Coach, maybe. The return of Luiz Felipe Scolari to the Brazilian national team reopens the struggle for place in convocations and gives hope to the players who have forgotten by Mano Menezes. Less than two years after the World Cup, the new coach admits that experienced players can be rescued to give aid to a naturally youthful cast - led by the fruit of renewal predecessor Scolari.

It's a rebirth, at least in theory, for players like Ronaldinho, Robinho, Maicon and Julio Cesar - little or never called by Mano. But Scolari warns, there is a base mounted, and the changes should not be too radical.- Let's examine a few names. Each coach has a thought, a way of playing, a name he like more or less. Either name should be changed. Let's take this and implement a base or something else - the coach said.

A name naturally gained strength with the return of Scolari. Ronaldinho Gaúcho, was world champion with Scolari in 2002 and now had solid performance in the Brasileirão, playing at the  Atlético-MG. But the coach, at least for now no hints about his return.- Just let us start discussing names from now on. About who is not called, I do not speak. Ronaldinho, Pedrinho, John .. Only when convene.

Based on the playing characteristics of Luiz Felipe Scolari and preferences expressed by coach interviews, commentators opined on SporTV about the players who can win space with Scolari. Besides Ronaldinho, were cited as the names of goalkeeper Julio Cesar, right-back Maicon's, the defensive midfielder, Elano and Hernanes and striker Robinho.

Lédio Carmona bet especially in four names: the return of Ronaldinho, Elano and Maicon and Kaka maintenance. But also cites athletes as Arouca, Ralph and Jean, with features appreciated by Scolari - the first was highly praised by him in an interview with SporTV Arena.

- The Ronaldinho is a guess only. I do not rule, but do not think that is essential. Another player I would not rule is Elano. He did well by the Brazilian Serie A, Gremio Portoalegrense this year, he have multiple functions, is versatility. He was erased from people's memory. It has also Kaka, which is a player who Scolari like’s him. He liked Kaka very much. And Maicon is a player with the features he likes, also. He have lung, has height like defender and defends well.

André Lofredo agrees. And he cites other names - Hernanes, from Lazio.- I imagine that players who have worked with Scolari and have experience might benefit. This is the case of Kaka and Ronaldinho, who made a good championship for Atlético-MG.

He will try to get a commitment of these players. Others who had closed doors with Mano opportunities are replaced. This resets. Fred is one, Scolari although like much and has praised Damian, he can get more chances. The Hernanes, also. And there are other players that Scolari praised openly. One is Arouca.

Wagner Vilaron opines that two holders of the last World Cup may be re-called. He remembers goalkeeper Julio Cesar and striker Robinho.- The goal, a position where the Mano did not get a very clear choice, is where Scolari will get special attention.

Has Julio Cesar, which it is far from ideal physical conditions, but has experience, is running in the last Cup, and ends up equating those who are there, to the vagueness of the moment. The Ronaldinho, despite having had a chance with Mano, I considered discarded, but again has a chance. The Scolari likes to bet on guys discredited, as happened with Ronaldo in 2002. Another name in which I'd bet is Robinho. The Scolari never hid that likes him.

It is for the next year the first convocation of Scolari, so we will see. On February 6, Brazil faces England in London.

It would be comical to see some of these names that are not already playing in their clubs and was holders only, return to wearing the shirt of the Brazilian national team, because are friends, also they have lost a bizarre match in South Africa, the excuse that they are rotated, “mis amis”, who is rotated is car wheel, they have to have balance in this hour, for example, Kaká, is not being used by Mourinho for personal reasons and returned to our National squad and returned well, giving harmony and tranquility in the middle of the team, with Neymar and Oscar.

Now think the Julio Cesar is able, at the last World Cup, he was already playing with problems, and everyone watched in their last appearances with the Mano call, he continues playing with a brace to support his ribs, this is just speculation from some journalists in Rio de Janeiro, they do not want to know about the better for the Brazilian team but players that they like and want appear in the media.

We do have excellent goalkeepers, and even being in Rio de Janeiro showed that the Jeferson can did good, yes, wear our national team jersey, used the last goalkeeper in recent calls and also that he have already playing in Europe and the Fluminense goalkeeper, who was elected the best in Brazil in 2012.

Hopefully Felipe Scolari and Carlos Alberto Parreira dress the sacred mantle of Brazil and to act responsibly and with common sense, as the old age gives us. What if should do is formed a collegiate with old but experient guys like Zagalo with names like Pele, Zico, Romario, Falcao, Tostão, Carlos Alberto Torres, and many others, (sorry for the names that I forget about) also all those who comment on our remarkable football daily, instead of bringing this responsibility only for themselves, after all they are deciding something that involve all Brazilians so, it’s fair that we can be a part of this.

A note of regret, as we were writing this review, we was noticed of the death this afternoon of the mother of the Felipe Scolari, here are our condolences and our sorrow.

Source: GloboEsporte. Photo: blogdajoice.com.Comment: Roberto Queiroz. Translation: Roberto Queiroz and Roberto Queiroz Junior.

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