27 de novembro de 2013


Boa Gestão ganha jogo! GANHA SIM.......
Estava pensando com meus botões como iria começar nosso post sobre o que o futebol Brasileiro precisa e então, recebi este e-mail do Fernando Ferreira, nada mais certo e correto do que fazer as palavras dele, as minhas, assino embaixo meu caro. Só quero acrescentar alguns tópicos, como algumas declarações de presidentes que ainda pensam ser os donos do pedaço e os reis da cocada preta.
Estes deveriam fazer como o ex-senador José Estevão, fundar seu próprio feudo e construir seu castelo e criar sua própria Federação. É a única maneira de ser eternizado e mesmo assim corre seriamente o risco de ver o progresso e o planejamento sério passarem ao largo, além de ter seus recursos financeiros esgotados.
Fonte: Pluri Consultoria. Comentário: Roberto Queiroz. Tradução: Roberto Queiroz e Roberto Filho.
Good management wins the game! YES, THEY CAN….
Flamengo and Atlético- PR are on Wednesday the first game of the finals of the Brazil 2013 World Cup. Both clubs currently represent what is best in the always poorly scenario of Brazilian Soccer Management, focusing on efficiency, productivity and professionalism. For years a Brazilian football environment lives which even doing everything wrong off the field, it was possible to win titles inside of the four lines. This scenario is changing and gradually it becomes clear to fans that the two things are closely linked, it is no longer possible to have a competitive team on the field without a club organized outside.
The Flamengo goes through a silent and rapid revolution. Despite the bad financial situation that found by assuming the club, the new Board has cut costs quickly put wages on time (chronic problem of the club), bring and promoted professionals executives brought a real shock management. Revenues had strong growth, marketing rejuvenated the image of the club and there is a clear concern for efficiency, transparency and results, finally, with the best management practices and governance. Moreover, reshaped the cast, reducing payroll inflated by medallions did not deliver results, replacing them with young prospects.
Have Atletico - PR has a longer history of good management, but the club has the disadvantage of not having the same financial size of the main competitors of the Rio and SP region. Virtually the club have no debt, and with strict budgetary control compensates for the fact of having lower revenues with a more efficient management. About to reopen the Arena (now the default FIFA), the club does not need to split the revenue from the new stadium with no operator, which will give strategic advantage in relation to other Brazilian clubs. Without doing crazy things with hiring medallions, maintains the strategy of revealing and panning good players, what brings you results on the pitch and gains on the appreciation of the cast.
Good governance is a pre-condition to be competitive on the field. Without it, you can even win either championship, but no consistent results in the long run. If the policy (when she) does not hinder, the future of the finalists of the Brazil Cup promises much joy to their fans.
I was thinking to myself how I would begin our post about the Brazilian football management and then I received this email from Fernando Ferreira, nothing more certain and correct than use his words, my dear, I subscribe below everything that you have wrote here. Just want to add some topics, such as some statements by presidents who still think they are the owners of the institutions and the kings of a black coconut candy.
They should do as former Senator José Estevão, found his own fiefdom and build his castle and also can found the Federation too. It is the only way to be immortalized and talking yet seriously, they runs at the risk of seeing the progress and serious planning go off, and have exhausted all their financial resources.
Source: Pluri Consultoria. Comment: Roberto Queiroz. Translation: Roberto Queiroz and Roberto Filho.

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